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Adam Batchelor, David Kiphuth, Brooks Salzwedel and Wendy Whatley

This June, Nahcotta holds a group exhibition with new work from Adam Batchelor, David Kiphuth, Brooks Salzwedel and Wendy Whatley. On view from June 3 through June 26, the opening reception with the artists will be held on Friday, June 3, from 5-8 p.m., concurrent with Portsmouth’s downtown art walk and free and open to the public.  

U.K. artist Adam Batchelor consistently wows viewers with his meticulously detailed colored pencil drawings of animals engaged in odd behaviors, adorned with surprising elements like Swiss Army knives or fishing lures. For this group show, he’ll be presenting his avian imagery exclusively, like an extraordinary version of Audubon renderings.  David Kiphuth, a Maine-based artist who’s been showing with the gallery’s Enormous Tiny Art show for several years, creates hyper-realistic tiny tableaus of leaves, bark, mushrooms, and the forest floor in watercolor, gouache, and egg tempera, while Los Angeles’ Brooks Salzwedel depicts the spooky, unnatural incongruity of spruce trees surrounding an abandoned truck or opaque fog thickening around a plane crash. Also based in Southern California, Wendy Whatley is indelibly influenced by the great outdoors and her small ceramic sculptures convey that passion, sprouting delicate mushrooms and tiny mussels. This group of artists share an affinity for and fascination with the natural environment, and their respective work complements one another in this exploration of enchantment. 

Beach Stones

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Feral Apple

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Fog Bank

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Forest Or Mtn

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La Cienega

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