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Piccolo Seeds

Erfurter Orangefarbige Calendula Seeds

$ 4.00

Choose fresh petals to garnish dishes or for use in healing herbal teas. If you want to store the flowers, wait for the heads to dry up and turn inward. Then, they can be harvested and dried easily. Use fresh or dried petals to flavor and color soups. Add them to cheeses and butter, or bake them into cakes and bread. Garnish fresh salads or egg-based dishes with striking flowers. Basically, wherever you need extra taste and color, Orange Calendula is the answer!

45 seeds

Expert tip Calendula is adaptable and does not require a lot of maintenance, making it ideal for container gardens. Just beware, it will also re-seed readily and easily, so keep an eye on it if you don’t want a calendula jungle on your balcony!

All vegetables benefit from the presence of calendula – especially tomatoes, radishes, and carrots.