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Kate Messner

Under and Over the Snow

$ 17.99

Gliding through the woodland on skis, a girl and her father watch for signs of animals. A squirrel’s tail flashes red as he disappears down a crack in the snow. A fox steps into view. Guided by her father, the child becomes increasingly aware of “the secret kingdom beneath the snow,” where voles pass through tunnels, bullfrogs sleep in mud, and a queen bee hibernates in the ground. A few appended pages offer more information about the animals mentioned and recommend books and websites for further reading.

Neal’s artwork, mixed media with digital elements, use the white snow to isolate images of the people, animals, and trees within the natural setting. Cutaway views show what is happening beneath the snow as well as on its surface. Reminiscent of linocut prints, the illustrations have a retro look that suits Messner’s precisely worded, effective story. A good choice for winter reading, this quiet but eye-opening picture book could heighten a child’s awareness of the natural world. 

44 pages
8.38" x 0.38" x 12.38"