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Jeremy Miranda: Summer Work

October 2015 - Though Miranda’s paintings have, historically, merged interiors and exteriors in unexpected ways, layering them as if they’re dream states colliding, his newest work is more straightforward in its representation of reality, separating his inner and outer realms and portraying them as independent spaces. For example, Miranda renders the intimate workspace of a studio, tools hung on the wall, materials organized on shelves, a patterned coverlet visible in the background, and this room is contained on its own – even the paned windows obfuscate the outdoors. In other paintings, he explores the woods and forests and myriad hues of nature, revealed in rocks, trees, water, and earth. In showing them apart but collectively together in this newest body of work, as viewers we’re able to celebrate how they speak to one another and develop our own imaginary relationships between the interior and exterior worlds.


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August Night

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August Tomatoes

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Black Rocks

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Black Walnut

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Grey Surf Maine

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