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Nahcotta is thrilled to present a group show inspired by the power of stories, titled Retold, on view from June 7 through June 30. The opening reception for Retold is  on Friday, June 7, from 5-7 PM.

Literature has long influenced and galvanized the creation of art. Think of Salvador Dali’s heliogravures inspired by Lewis Carroll, Picasso’s Don Quixote, Rene Magritte’s piece echoing Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Domain of Arnheim,” or Elida Tessler’s 2010 installation, Dubling, created as an homage to Joyce’s” Ulysses.” Myths, legends, fantastical fiction, folklore, allegory, fables, anecdotal sagas shared via our more modern-day versions of storytelling on the screen or through our speakers…these characters and narratives are capable of shaping our imaginations in indelible ways and producing visual artwork borne from stories. Retold shares the work of Kristin Texeira, Michael Dandley, Becca Stadtlander, Yelena Bryksenkova, Mark Hoffmann, Amanda Blake, Tom Sarmo, Alexis Kandra,Travis Hetman, Phoebe Harris, Max Seckel, Christine Brennan, Jennifer Davis, Kristen Egan, Faye Moorhouse, Kirstin Lamb, Lily Raymond, Melissa Ambrose, Brendan MacAllister, Wendy Whatley, Seonna Hong, and Carson Converse.

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