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Tim Beavis: New Paintings

Known and revered for his resplendent beach series, Beavis beautifully revisits the horizon line that forms the relationship between sand, ocean, and sky, as well as a well-trod, narrow path leading through the thick sea grass. His studio series oftentimes incorporates the beach dune paintings into the background, while the foregrounds are a rendering of everyday elements of a life – a side table holding a decorative vase of flowers, a wrapped gift left atop a work table, and patterned textiles across the floors. The flattened three-dimensional elements of these paintings are shapes upon and beside shapes, color upon color, pattern hovering next to pattern, almost evocative of a modernized Matisse. Beavis has been showing with Nahcotta since the gallery opened its doors and this small show of his work promises to be as captivating and lovely as all his previous exhibitions.  

 Born in Dayton, Ohio, Tim Beavis graduated from the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. His work has been exhibited throughout the Northeast at the likes of UNH Gallery, McGowen Fine Art Gallery, The June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland, The George Marshall Store in York, The York Public Library and additional galleries in Florida, New Jersey, and New York.

The opening reception for this show is Friday, February 2, from 6-8 p.m. at Nahcotta.

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