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Wild Lather Bar Soap

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Wild Lather’s soaps are mindfully made in Boston, our southern neighbor.
    Call Me By Your Name - Organic Bergamot, organic Sweet Orange, peppery Petitgrain, and smoky Vetiver combine to create this juicy citrus scent. This essential oil blend: May promote feelings of warmth, relaxation, and aphrodisiac qualities

    Tokyo Roast
    - An exfoliating bar made of cold pressed Coffee Bean, organic Peppermint, wild Cedarwood Atlas, and smoky Vetiver swirl with our favorite freshly ground coffee beans. This essential oil blend may: both ground and uplift, stimulate blood flow, and energize the skin and mind.

    Milford Sound
    - A detoxifying bar made with kaolin clay and activated charcoal swirled with cool, organic Peppermint, fresh Silver Fir, and wild Lavender to wake and refresh you. This essential oil blend may: relieve sore muscles, energize, support respiratory health, and calm the mind.