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All the Things That You and I Went Through

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Price: $ 450.00

Measurements: H 7" W 9.75"

Materials: mixed media on paper

About The Artist

A Philadelphia native now living in Abu Dhabi, Sam Faix has been exhibiting his work professionally since 1999. Drawing upon both his past and present surroundings and travels, he has in recent years begun to incorporate more overt ideas of transportation and speed into his work, as the plan of a city grid or the graceful, sweeping curve of a freeway on-ramp each provide new narratives. Constantly looking for visual ways to resolve movement and stillness between places and people, his paintings and mixed-media pieces are infused with memories of the past and ideas of the future. In addition to Nahcotta, his work has been included in exhibitions in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

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