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Ben Raskin

Bees, Bugs, and Butterflies: A Family Guide to Our Garden Heroes and Helpers

$ 16.95

Get an up-close look at the buzzing, fluttering, and squirming life teeming in your garden. Bees, Bugs & Butterflies explores the world of pollinators—the bugs that help plants thrive. Discover ways to attract the fascinating creatures that pollinate your fruits and vegetables, control pests and diseases, and even get rid of your organic trash. Learn how to create an environment friendly to butterflies, bees, ants, and bats; build habitats for garden allies like ladybugs and lacewings, and gain an appreciation for the complex food web right outside your door.

Included inside:

  • A visual guide to how bugs, bees, and butterflies can help your garden grow
  • How to build a bug apartment block and other hands-on projects to help your garden thrive
  • Pull-out activities, including a Garden Heroes game, a Pollinator’s Wheel (turn the dial to match the plants to their pollinators), a beetle mask, and four sheets of stickers

    48 pages, hardcover with bolt binding