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Deep Shadows

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gouache, watercolor, and colored pencil on paper

30" x 22"

framed to 32" x 24"

Album: Deep Shadows by Little Ann

Why Phoebe chose that particular album:

I am a big fan of Detroit soul, and this record I find particularly fascinating because it was left recorded, unreleased and undiscovered for over 30 years. I return to it often. When I listen to the title track of this album, I am reminded of the power that lies in accepting, sitting with and moving through sorrow. Love finds us, fills us, and also brings us tremendous heartbreak. And much like the continuum of nature, it is cyclical -- from our deepest shadows we emerge into our brightest joys, and on we go. There isn't much information about Little Ann's story, but somewhere I read that during the time of recording this album she wrote in a letter to her mother "If it doesn't work out, I tried." While her record was left unreleased for most of her lifetime, her fearlessness to try despite the possibility (and for 30 years, the reality) of failure allowed for her music to now permeate and enrich even just one persons life feels like a great success -- to me, there is nothing more fruitful.

About The Artist

Phoebe was born and raised outside of Portland, ME. She is now living and working in Northampton, MA. In addition to an array of paper goods, her illustrations have appeared on t-shirts, skateboards, records, and other movable, usable things. Phoebe draws inspiration from everyday whimsy, the natural world, and vintage patterns & textiles.

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