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Dictionary Colored Pencil Set - Vol. 8

$ 24.00

"Irojiten" is the Japanese expression for "color encyclopedia." 
These beautiful artist-grade pencils possess qualities that have made them an all-time classic in Japan. Irojiten Colored Pencils have an elegant enamel finish and a rich, creamy texture that allows for smooth, even blending and easy layering with no waxy buildup.

Set of 10 colored pencils o
rganized by tone in book-shaped packaging.

Volume 8 (Very Pale) includes Almond Blossom (VP-2), Asparagus (VP-5), Cameo Pink (VP-1), Cascade (VP-7), Ecru (VP-3), Eggshell (VP-4), Horizon Blue (VP-8), Lupine (VP-9), Opal Green (VP-6), and Verbena (VP-10).