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NK Incense

Japanese Incense Sticks + Holder Set

$ 0.00 $ 6.50

Each box includes 30 sticks and a ceramic holder. Made with 0% colorant, 100% fragrance oil and recycled paper packaging.


Sparkling Gold Yuzu - citrus with juicy yuzu expressed using mandarin, tangerine, and orange along with yuzu tree’s leafy green aroma

Brilliant Blue Lavender - refreshing, sweet lavender and lavender leaves that spread out in a vast field in early summer

Sweet White Sage - white sage leaves with a fresh note of lime, creating a deep, full-bodied aroma with a hint of cedarwood fragrance

Bitter Pink Ginger - exhilarating fragrance of cool, spicy ginger added with spicy cinnamon & clove, and green herb aroma of lemongrass, blended with sweetness of rose

Calm Kinoki Mint - mint with crisp hinoki, delivering sweetness of wood by blending with serene lemon aroma

Fresh Green Tea - freshly brewed green tea fragrance with emphasis on leafy green, expressed with floral aroma like jasmine