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Odiorne Point Tree Line

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Price: $ 1,200.00

Measurements: H 20" W 20"

Materials: oil on canvas

About The Artist

“This body of work comprises landscape paintings completed on location in the seacoast area of NH and Maine as well as in the studio using thick heavy paint against thin glazes. The initial response to place drives the development the painting will take and what becomes important in the piece. Recently, the surface of water and lily pads have become new subject matter. As a result, the shift in focus from vast open spaces to things that are near, have opened up new possibilities.”

Kathleen Robbins has a master’s degree from Massachusetts College of Art and lives in the seacoast area. Her love of plein air painting feeds the studio work that ultimately develops into the finished piece.

Part of the process involves memory of the place and letting the image develop as layers are built up which allows the painting to become a real and imagined representation of the landscape.

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