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Perhaps a Love Song

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oil on panel

12" x 12"

framed to 13" x 13”

Album: Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor (2006)

Why Kim chose that particular album:

It was so difficult to choose just one and in the end I went with the album that inspired the strongest imagery for me. I loved this album when it first came out - listened to it over and over and over again. 


About The Artist

Kim is 39 years young and lives in a lovely little city by the sea. She is a venturous baker, a soy candle-maker, a dreamer, a brown-eyed girl, a cat lover, a pisces, a not-so-neat freak, and a new mom. She is obsessed with her garden and she brakes for squirrels. Inspired by history, literature and her everyday life, she often uses herself as a model and employs various props to manifest ideas, emotions and sometimes specific characters.

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