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Scarlet Town

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watercolor on paper

20" x 16" 

Album: The Harrow and The Harvest by Gillian Welch

Why Lindsay chose that particular album:

Gillian Welch has the ability to transport me to the wild west, dusty old saloons and fields of lavender while still feeling relevant and contemporary. Her albums have always felt really powerful and exciting to me, but I really connect with this one in particular.

About The Artist

Lindsay Stripling is an artist who works with an emphasis on memory, dream and that feeling between sleeping and awake-ness. She is interested in fragmentation, and the moment that our experiences form themselves into lore and legend. Memories are fuzzy and intangible much like dreams, and the more specific she tries to make them the less sharp they become, slipping in and out of focus.  In her recent body of work Lindsay is using the nostalgia and familiarity of landscape as a stage to create new and unfamiliar spaces that  focus on a humorous and surreal post apocalyptic world where humans and nature collide and combine.

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