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Strike Anywhere

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Price: $ 300.00

oil on panel

6" x 6"

This piece is part of a show that runs through January 2, but we are happy to ship earlier if needed for the holidays! Please specify in the order notes section if you'd like us to ship in December.

About The Artist

Lily Raymond was born and grew up in New York City. She moved to New Hampshire to study painting at UNH and has remained in the area. She currently lives and works in Portsmouth, NH.

Lily became interested in keys when she locked herself out of her house on a rainy day in February. She was barefoot and had no phone or coat. She had plenty of time to wax philosophical about the importance of keys as she waited in the freezing rain for someone to come home and let her in. She thought about them both symbolically and practically. She even began to see them as magical objects, talismans that allow us entry into the realms we inhabit.

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