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The Myth of Refuge

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Price: $ 850.00

gouache and watercolor on paper

11" x 14"

framed to 13" x 15" x 2"

25% of proceeds from this sale will benefit

sold work available to ship the week of 12/9/19

About The Artist

Teagan White is an artist and illustrator depicting flora and fauna at the threshold of life and death. Their delicate gouache and watercolor paintings and intricate line drawings use poetic allegory to lament the tragic relationship between humans and the rest of the Earth, and to explore the tender reciprocity and carnal discord that coexist seamlessly in all of Nature. Through muted colors, ornamental layouts, and meticulous detail, the work challenges viewers to delve beyond aesthetic allure or scientific dogma, and allow empathy and mysticism to guide their interpretation.

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