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Objects from The Thief's Journal

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oil on panel

10" x 8"

This piece is based on The Thief's Journal, by Jean Genet. Lily might never have made another still life painting after college if it weren’t for Jean Genet’s book, The Thief’s Journal. She learned from Genet that any object can be consecrated: a tube of confiscated Vaseline can become an object worthy of Perpetual Adoration, and a rose—an item already laden with symbolism—can become even more dignified in the hands of a grieving thief.

About The Artist

Lily Raymond was born and grew up in New York City. She moved to New Hampshire to study painting at UNH and has remained in the area. She currently lives and works in Portsmouth, NH.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been saving little things. Notes on scraps of paper, keys to unknown places, things I’ve found on the street or searched for in antique stores. Despite my attempts to stay organized, my desk is covered in little piles of small things. It seems like every month I discover a new favorite item, an old map or a pair of scissors, and it develops its own kind of gravity, pulling everything else in. 

When deciding what to paint I start with one object, then I add another. The second object changes the first, like words in a sentence. As I paint I begin to see relationships between the objects. Patterns appear, shapes and colors repeat. I realize that books I’ve read, TV shows I’ve watched and song lyrics I’ve heard have all found their way in. Like words, the objects can be endlessly rearranged, and tell any story. This series is my ode to apophenia, the clinical term for this spirit of assemblage, the inclination to divine patterns from the random and instill meaning in the insignificant.

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