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You're Better Than This

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acryla gouache on aluminum panel

24" x 24"

Album: You're Better Than This by Pile

Why Joe chose that particular album:

Pile creates heavy, disorienting, bi-polar indie rock, with heartfelt, sad, and sometimes confusing lyrics. They utilize asymmetric song structures, which keeps the listener guessing as to what may come next. I'm constantly inspired by their music to create visual art that shares the same sentiment. 

About The Artist

Joe Banda is a painter and illustrator living and working in the greater Boston area. A life long doodler, Joe draws inspiration from folk and outsider art, tattooing, skateboarding, his wife and cat, and his own fear of people and social anxiety. He studied fine art and illustration in college, earning his AFA from Delaware College of Art and Design, and his BFA from Montserrat College of Art.

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