A bit about Nahcotta:

The journey began when Deb Thompson established Nahcotta in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in May 2000. Two years earlier, she had embarked on a cross-country adventure after leaving her job and found herself in Nahcotta, Washington. There, her dream of opening a gallery/boutique was rekindled. Upon returning home, she scouted for the perfect space, ultimately choosing Portsmouth over Boston as her new home.

From the outset, Nahcotta's vision has remained consistent: to create an inspiring haven for art and gift enthusiasts. While the offerings have evolved, including a phase featuring high-end furniture, some brands like Chilewich and Simon Pearce have been constant companions since the early days. With the addition of key employees, Nahcotta has grown into the vibrant establishment it is today.

Demri Rosekrans, who worked closely as a visual director, became a co-owner alongside Deb in 2022. With her assistance, Nahcotta has expanded its product range to encompass a wide selection of art supplies, jewelry, books, apothecary items, home goods, pantry essentials, and children's items.

Nahcotta also proudly hosts the biannual Enormous Tiny Art show, showcasing hundreds of artworks by numerous artists at each event.

+ Our sales team!

At the heart of Nahcotta are our values:

  • We emphasize connection, whether it's with neighbors next door or across the globe.
  • We champion a sense of humor, compassion, art, and integrity as essential elements of a fulfilling life.
  • We prioritize inspiration and believe that what stirs your emotions is just as valuable as what stimulates your intellect.
  • We're dedicated to making art accessible to everyone, recognizing that beauty enriches our lives in profound and indescribable ways.

Visit us

110 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
+1 (603) 433-1705

Sun-Thu 10am - 6pm
Fri-Sat 10am - 7pm