All 10" x 10" or under, all small, all mighty.

About ETA

Established in 2007, The Enormous Tiny Art Show (also known as ETA) focuses on showcasing artwork that is no larger than 10” by 10”. The exhibition features a diverse selection of artistic styles, mediums, and subject matters, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed media works.

Our goal with ETA is to open up the world of art collecting to a larger audience and to foster a sense of community and to celebrate the power of small-scale art.

We believe that original art exudes an irreplaceable energy and vitality. We aim to make excellent, original art of small proportions as accessible as we can to anyone and everyone.

Since launching Enormous Tiny Art in 2007, thousands of pieces of tiny art from hundreds of artists have found their way onto the walls of art lovers and collectors just like you, across the globe.

We are always looking forward to showcasing incredible talent.
We warmly invite you to submit your artwork and share your unique vision.

ETA has connected thousands of pieces of original artwork with collectors worldwide.